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Teaching Powerful Breathing Techniques since 2000

I’m Linda, thanks for visiting my site, i believe If we keep doing the same things we will keep getting the same results. Which is why my courses are all about awakening, change and letting go of old habits.

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I am a mother of four and have 12 grandchildren and have been focused on helping others for many years. As a professional therapist, Astrologer, 7th Level breathing Founder. I’m also a Reiki Master Teacher, Mindfulness Teacher, and 35 years experience in the world of metaphysics and breath work, I have the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self.   The most important thing I teach these days is breath awareness and how to harness it to bring about great changes in  your life.  It is so important that I think that everyone can benefit from the 7th Level breathing workshops.  Especially during the massive changes that are happening right across the globe at this very moment.  2022 certainly flags up the changes and this breathing technique helps you to deal with it all

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We provide dedicated coaching where we’ll cover how to alleviate and manage what stresses and triggers you, your breathing patterns, plus we’ll be take a deep dive into your interconnected sensory network and breathing. Our workshops have been taylored to leave students feeling attuned to the metaphysical world around them, with a heightened vibrational level with negative feelings reduced.

Seventh Level Breahing

Release the pain of the past and fear of the future though Seventh Level Breathing

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