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Teacher training cource

This is a certificated Teacher Training Course for Seventh Level Breathing which will allow you to teach Seventh Level Breathing to your family, friends, students, and clients.

Each student will have attended at least one workshop of the Seventh Level Breathing
course. They need to have a caring compassionate nature and a desire to enable
others to evolve and develop.

The next Teacher Training Course will be held on 22nd /23rd June 2024 9.30am – 5pm online over two days, with additional review meetings to follow.  Once you have made your booking you will get the zoom link.  Please feel free to email with any enquiries you may have and for a prospectus.

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Aims & Objectives of 7th Level Breathing Teacher Training

  • The aim is to to develop a team of tutors to deliver the 7th Level Breathing Courses in the UK and Internationally over the next 7 years. 
  • Throughout the workshops, you learn to help your students become self-aware of their breathing and how to change it easily.
  • You’ll learn to develop greater inner peace within yourself, and being more in sync with your heart and helping others do the same. 
  • With the profound Awakening that is currently happening in all our lives, 7 th Level Breathing will aid you to navigate the changes and new vibrations that are to come
  • To make breathing your new ‘go-to’ place
  • To collaborate with others in their self-development as you will find that students will bring innovative ideas to add to your teaching and their feedback will help you to  develop your workshops

Pedagogical approach

Everyone learns at different rates and ways which is why this covers alternativeways of learning using:


Verbal communication




Written instructions


And inquiry-based learning.

Seventh Level Breathing

Release the pain of the past and fear of the future though Seventh Level Breathing

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